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PSi design, implementation, and support services are offered to customers on a case by case for fee basis.  Email for more information.




The first step in any marking or measurement application is application consultation. Manufacturing processes are proprietary and specific to the end goods product.  The PSi design team will first engage in a customer application discussion to determine whether PSi expertise can develop an optimal solution. PSi will, in general terms, develop its approach (at a high level) to the customer's application for feedback and pre-design approval.


Needs Assessment


Upon mutual acceptance PSi will perform an engineering, operational, and business analysis of the customer application, including business and technical needs. Discussions will rely primarily on the customer's engineering and business teams to communicate the business problems addressed by the needed application solution, including a projected return on investment (ROI), anticipated production efficiency gains, as well as projected risks/gains from process control changes. PSi will work with the customer's application teams to confirm the design parameters, as well as provide sample reporting for customer usage.



Solution Design


After PSi engineers have gathered all pertinent data, a system solution design and associated costs will be delivered to the customer for evaluation, discussion and approval. Components of the project solution are:


           Project Management               

       Once the customer approves the PSi project solution, the PSi project manager will procure the system materials, coordinate materials delivery, develop a project plan with tasks, dates and assignments, organize PSi and customer meetings for progress reporting, provide project status and keep the project on schedule.


      System Implementation                      

        The PSi implementation team will work with the customer technical team to fully install, calibrate and move into production the PSI project solution in accordance to the PSi Statement of Work (SOW). In some cases the implementation can be handled entirely by the customer’s technical team – with technical support and instruction provided by PSi . System functionality, calibration and reporting (if applicable) will be completed to the specifications of the SOW.


           Customer Support Services                       

        Upon successful implementation and “start-up” productions period (normally 30 days after successful implementation as specified by the SOW) PSi Customer Support Services will provide maintenance, technical support and replacement parts for the PSi application solution.

           Warranty / On-Going Support Options

        After successful system implementation PSI warranty includes one year of parts and shop labor.  Beyond 1 year the customer has (2) options for support:

        1. PSI Support Services Contract > PSi will offer a combination of remote support (email, voice, chat) and spare parts for service and support

        2. Spare Parts and Block of Hours Remote Support > the customer may elect to buy recommended spare parts list plus purchase a pre-paid block of support time for engineering support.