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The YieldMAX system is comprised of five (5) components:


   1. Tracking Marker Module (TMM-24)

The Precision Media Marking Module applies YieldMax Media marks required in the measurement process. Module includes automatic head flush.

   2. Tracking Decoder Module (TDM-24)

The Detection Module reads YieldMax applied marks, transmitting the information to the YieldMax Controller

3. Web Defect Controller(WDC4000) with Ink Supply Cabinet (ISC-2L)

The WDC4000 Controller with touch screen manages the marking, detection, and machine level statistics. The Controller includes an ISC-2L Fluid Supply Cabinet with at full container 2 liters of PSI Media Fluid.

   4. Communications and Alignment

Each System includes two (2) umbilical sets necessary for communication and media transport with the YieldMax Controller as well as a high resolution encoder system that synchronizes TMM-24 with TDM-24.

   5. YieldWARE Software >  Windows based Reporting System

"Inspired by more than a century of the industry’s only trusted on-line shrinkage measurement method, YieldMAX is the evolution of the manual stick test into Automatic Measuring Stick Technology (AMST). YieldWare PC database software, prevents would-be returns due to out-of-spec logging shrinkage of each meter of every roll, around the clock."

YieldMax’s unparalleled accuracy allows customers to stop over-producing, over-shrinking, and under-profiting. Either yield low or YieldMAX, the choice is yours.  YieldMAX is the most accurate automated process control system dedicated to optimizing fabric yield.

                YieldWARE is the Windows-based reporting software that captures shrinkage measurement data and produces easy-to-understand reports and graphs for production reporting. YieldWare runs on Windows XP Pro and can export reports to Microsoft Access, SQL or a CSV (comma delimited) file.