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August 1, 2013

Perceptive Solutions Inc. ( PSi ), a world leader in industrial applications requiring invisible, non-invasive marking and detection for "in-process identification", announced today its PF series of invisible fluid additives (aka, "fluid identifiers"), used for providing consistency data for chemical finishes. These "additives" have unique signatures in which the PSI proprietary "marking" technology can provide precise administrative data that helps remove the guesswork of various chemical application processes.

"Marking" these chemical finishes with the PSi PF series of fluid additives enhances the ability to identify and calculate the presence and consistencies of key chemical finish components.  Examples of some of the applications include chemical surface coating, enhancement chemical finishes on textile applications, and/or other processes where the product manufacturer desires precise finish application information.

PSi estimated early 2014 before unveiling its first line of "fluid Identifiers" and associated applications.