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Frequently Asked Questions

How is YieldMAX different from other methods of calculating shrinkage at the Sanforizer?

  • YieldMAX uses proprietary invisible marking technology
    • YieldMAX is not influenced by fabric construction
    • YieldMAX focuses on the distance between invisible marks
    • YieldMAX’s proprietary marks are invisible to the customer
  • YieldMAX makes three independent shrinkage calculations every 2.0 meters!
    • Shrinkage is based on actual fabric shrinkage not be correlating pick counting to fabric length
    • Accuracy to within 1.0mm!
  • Shrinkage calculations are displayed in percent, inches or centimeters.
  • YieldMAX provides alarm thresholds allowing the Sanforizer operator to multi-task without worrying if his shrinkage is settings are optimized
  • Data can be transmitted to YieldWare for statistical analysis and historical archiving


What are the benefits from using the YieldMAX AMST technology?

  • The accuracy and continuous measurement by YieldMAX assures a much more consistent residual shrinkage from the beginning to the end of the lot and from lot to lot.
  • Consistent residual shrinkage allows for the tightening of shrinkage standards in the shrinkage process
  • Reduce shrinkage at the Sanforizer while minimizing or eliminating “Wash Test Failures”
  • Minimizing “Wash Test Failures” minimizes expensive reprocessing of fabric
  • Customer complaints are minimized
  • Reduced overshrinkage contributes directly to the “Bottom Line”
  • YieldMAX with YieldWare reporting allows manufacturing customers to “YieldMAX Certify” your fabric’s residual shrinkage to their end customers