Perceptive Solutions Inc
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About Us

Perceptive Solutions Inc. ( PSi )
first developed invisible marking solutions for defect marking applications in 1998 through its Sentinel 2000 product line and line of non-invasive fluids.   

In 2006 PSi unveiled the
YieldMAX product line for shrinkage measurement through automatic invisible marking and mark detection.  This revolutionary technology can completely replace any activities
related to "stick" or "ruler" manual shrinkage measurements with state-of-the-art "automatic stick" marking technology, that we refer to as AMST (Automatic Measuring Stick Technology).

is a continuous, objective and accurate measurement of fabric shrinkage that has driven procedural consistency and heightened management control in all installations. 

Using specially designed fluid agents to non-invasively mark and measure process shrinkage YieldMAX applies an array of precise linear fabric marks prior to the shrinking range entry then recalculates the distance integrity at the shrinking range exit for automatic measurement.

can also apply its core technologies to other applications, such as:

  • Defect Marking
  • Fluid Tagging and Identification
  • Invisible Barcoding
  • Product Anti-Counterfeiting

We encourage potential and existing customers to email for inquiries for the above applications or questions about other applications in which PSi core technologies may apply.  Please use the contact form in the Contact Us section to communicate your needs to PSi.